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appearance Tuesday 14 February

Should recycling be made compulsory?

Rob Lyons took part in this Sky News debate. READ MORE

appearance Monday 23 January

Writing with Courage

Claire Fox talks to Thor Holt about writing, the trouble with identity politics and greatest regrets. READ MORE

in the media Monday 16 January

Smokers enjoy cigarettes - deal with it

The anti-smoking brigade doesn't understand pleasure, argues Rob Lyons. READ MORE

appearance Monday 16 January

Oi, Meryl Streep! Leave MMA out of it!

On spiked, Rob Lyons highlights the problems with the actresses's Golden Globes attack on Donald Trump. READ MORE

appearance Monday 26 December 2016

Claire Fox – being a humanist in the 21st century

The Echo Chamber Club podcast talks to Claire Fox. READ MORE

in the media Saturday 17 December 2016

Best books of 2016 for teachers and school leaders

Claire Fox's I Find That Offensive makes this list compiled by Schools Week features editor, Cath Murray. READ MORE

in the media Friday 16 December 2016

We cannot let liberalism silence free speech

Claire Fox argues in TES that when the government stepped in to stop a controversial journalist talking at his former school, it exposed the double standards of some ‘progressive’ thinkers. READ MORE

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Understanding Art

10:17am, Tuesday 28 February, London