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Join the Institute of Ideas

The Institute of Ideas relies on the financial support of individuals to continue our work. Joining the IoI as an associate is a way of showing your support for our efforts to create a public space where ideas can be contested without restraint.

Thousands of individuals have participated as speakers, audience members and organising partners in over one hundred conferences and seminars organised by the IoI. The IoI programmes a major weekend festival, the Battle of Ideas, in the autumn, publishes a cultural reviews website, Culture Wars, and organises the acclaimed nationwide sixth-form debating competition, Debating Matters.

The IoI also runs a range of regular discussions via our Forums and groups: the Postgrad, Culture Wars, Education, Science & Health, Parents, Emerging Economies and Undergrad Forums, and the IoI Book Club. Other events and debates have taken place at the SPIT-LIT Festival, the Edinburgh Fringe, the Institut français, the Cheltenham Festival of Literature, the Soho Theatre, the Greenwich Theatre, and many more.

To join the Institute of Ideas, please select click the appropriate link below, or print and return this form.

Join the IoI:
Individual rate: £60 / Concession rate: £35 / Institutional rate: £250 / Benefactor: various

The IoI is committed to

  • Enlightenment values: scientific and social experimentation, intellectual ambition and curiosity
  • Embracing change and making history.
  • Art for art's sake, knowledge for its own sake and education as an end in itself
  • Freedom. To think, to act, to say what needs saying - even if it offends others
  • Challenging irrational social panics
  • Open and robust debate in which ideas can be interrogated, argued for and fought over
  • Civil liberties with no ifs or buts

Benefits include

Regular bulletins
We produce a newsletter of IoI events, and associates receive regular additional mailings including: details of forthcoming events and publications; reading material on current IoI themes and by spekaers at IoI events. We also produce audio and video debates.
Book club and IoI Forums
We run a book club for IoI associates, which discusses contemporary fictions. Associates are also invited to take part in our regular forums to discuss education, science and health, culture, emerging economies, postgraduate and undergraduate work and parenting.
Associates receive discounts on tickets to the Battle of Ideas festival and other occasional offers.

Associate fees
Individual rate: £60 per annum (£35 concessions)
Institutional rate: £250 per annum
Benefactor rate: monthly standing orders of £10 or more