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If you think you've found a mistake, please email us and we'll do our best to mend it.

A note on accessibility

The site has been redesigned so that all the content is readable and navigable in all browsers, from the most recent to the oldest and simplest. This has been done by designing with Web Standards.

While this means that all content is accessible, it also means that outdated browsers, which don't comply with web standards, will not show the layout of the site at all. All the text is there, neatly laid out, it just looks a bit less interesting.

The alternative is to use non-standard designs, which make content look the same everywhere, but renders it totally unreadable in some browsers. Believe it or not, this is illegal in some circles.

If the site is looking a bit plain and simple, you could always upgrade your browser. If you think you've found a mistake, on the other hand, please let us know.