Friday 26 June 2015, Rob Lyons

The First World War: a quest for meaning?

Podcast: Frank Furedi examines the ramifications of a key moment in twentieth-century history.

In this week’s podcast from our Academy archive, Professor Frank Furedi reexamines our view of the First World War and challenges the tendency to read history backwards, imposing contemporary preoccupations on the past. Furedi argues that while in today’s society a war can never be considered truly just, the Great War was perhaps the last time that nations entered into a war enthusiastically, with everyone from liberal theologians to philosophers taking up the call to arms to fight for what they believed was noble cause.

This lecture was recorded as part of the history strand of The Academy 2014. If you would like to find out more about this year’s Academy, which takes place on 18-20 July at Wyboston Lakes in Bedfordshire, visit the Academy 2015 page.

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